Thursday, July 22, 2010

sometimes we fall down on stage.

it's happened to me before. except i didn't pass out. i seriously didn't realize that billy had blacked out, i assumed he tripped over a cable or something. i didn't know until he told us after the show. poor B-dawg. we all have tour wounds on some level though. mine comes in the form of a bruised and tattered wrist from the friction against my bass. it comes with the territory i suppose. today we had a day off in nashville. i bought some cute shoes from a store called posh (i'm slightly embarassed that i even walked into a store with such a terrible name). i'm pretty certain i'm developing a shoe fetish. i've already bought 3 pairs on this tour. wait til we get to japan. eek.

went dancing last night for kat's birthday with the bad city and kill hannah boys. the place was cheesy but we made the best of it. thank god for a day off today. i was in need of some serious recovery. today was very chill. i went to a late lunch with kat and saw "inception" with mikey. quite a mindfuck of a movie, but everything leo is in as of late is a mindfuck. checking out some guitars at a music shop billy wants to go to in the morning. then heading to knoxville for the show. side note: has everyone seen the double rainbow guy on youtube? pretty hysterical. what does it all mean?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Wohhhh! We're halfway there...

Wohhhh! Livin' on a prayer! that's my usual karaoke song choice, or sweet child o' mine. depends on my mood. anyhoo, we're halfway there, halfway through this tour that is. i can't even process how amazing it has been thus far. the shows have all been incredible. the reviews are so encouraging. the audiences are rocking my socks off. and i really feel like we are getting our moves down at this point. everyone is in good spirits and having a grand ole time. we've been going out to band dinners/lunches, hanging by the pools, shopping and paddling the dragon (aka my and mikey's fave way to pass time). it's been so inspiring to hear all of your positive feedback from what you have seen/heard of us as the new lineup. so thank you for that. looks like Freak has been hitting the airwaves and doing well. so well that we are currently adding dates to the tour in order to support it. I have no problem with that! i really feel like we are on the right path here and the momentum is really picking up. i'm so grateful that i get to be a part of this incarnation of the band, i feel right at home. we're not going anywhere......

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I always feel like somebody's watching me....

I shared this at the pre-show set we did yesterday (for the first 20 people in line), and i'm pretty sure they all think i should be locked up. I'm not going to try to make this into a campfire ghost story or anything, I just want to share what is fresh on my mind. I've always been hyper sensitive to spirits but I've never had any experiences where the energy has been physically aggressive with me. We were staying at this amazing hotel that was built in the 1800's, so you know there's going to be some some history there. I felt uncomfortable upon entering my room, but I was super tired, so i did my best to brush it off. Just as I was drifting off i heard a sound like someone was rifling through my bag. Again, I'm exhausted so i really don't want to deal with anything supernatural at this juncture. Ten minutes later, something falls in the bathroom followed by more rummaging around in my belongings. at this point i have the covers up to my neck and i'm paralyzed by fear until 2 hours later when the sun comes up and i have the wherewithal to open the curtains. Satiated by the daylight, i drift off to sleep again. I don't know if you've ever experienced a night terror, but they are incredibly vivid. Here's the reason people probably think i need a lobotomy. I felt someone lift up the covers and lay in bed next to me. I repeatedly pushed whatever it was away from me, shouting NO over and over. What I recall distinctly is that i felt a spine, like i was pushing on someone's back. this went on for what felt like 2 or 3 minutes, until i felt it had left. i think i could have opened my eyes but i chose not to. the last thing i remember, and the moment that resonates, is feeling someone on top of me pushing my shoulders into the bed. there you have it. call it what you will but it was real enough that i refuse to stay alone for the next few nights! how's that for a tour adventure?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

yeah. im "blogging"

i am only starting a blog because i want to be one of the boys. all of the boys in the band are tweeting and blogging so i feel a bit pressured to put myself out there the way that they do. but i guess it could be interesting depending on what kind of trouble we get ourselves into this tour. j/k we're so well behaved. i literally watch soap operas in my hotel room during the day and play my bass like a good girl. i think i've had 3 drinks this entire time. i love the rock-n-roll lifestyle. it's nerdy just like me.