Friday, July 16, 2010

Wohhhh! We're halfway there...

Wohhhh! Livin' on a prayer! that's my usual karaoke song choice, or sweet child o' mine. depends on my mood. anyhoo, we're halfway there, halfway through this tour that is. i can't even process how amazing it has been thus far. the shows have all been incredible. the reviews are so encouraging. the audiences are rocking my socks off. and i really feel like we are getting our moves down at this point. everyone is in good spirits and having a grand ole time. we've been going out to band dinners/lunches, hanging by the pools, shopping and paddling the dragon (aka my and mikey's fave way to pass time). it's been so inspiring to hear all of your positive feedback from what you have seen/heard of us as the new lineup. so thank you for that. looks like Freak has been hitting the airwaves and doing well. so well that we are currently adding dates to the tour in order to support it. I have no problem with that! i really feel like we are on the right path here and the momentum is really picking up. i'm so grateful that i get to be a part of this incarnation of the band, i feel right at home. we're not going anywhere......


  1. Welcome to the Pumpkins!
    I'm glad to hear your having fun, you really look like you are too. You and Billy in Norfolk had a moment during Gossamer where ya'll just came together, like as one, i saw one spirit caught in the song, it looked like bliss. I could feel it moving thru me.
    well keep having fun, we will see ya again!

  2. see my twitter page and check out my twitpic to discover what paddling the dragon is....

  3. ""EP 2 TRACKLIST:

    1. Freak
    2. When the Cocks Crow
    3. Tom Tom
    4. My Love Is Winter

    Freak was released first. then it will be when the cocks grow. after that- tom tom, and in winter, the last song of ep 2 – my love is winter. really nice EP.

    As Rome Burns
    Make it Happen

    why those songs cant be on ep2?

    Owata is yet to be recorded. Nicole said that she created the bassline for new Owata. so that song is probably not recorded yet.
    As Rome Burns – Billy is holding this amazing song for the heavier EP.
    Make it Happen – Billy is unsure, include it in TBK or not. if it wont be on one of the EPs, then it probably will be released as a b-side on vinyl or the final box.""

    I read it on HU. is it true, Nicole?

    ps I think Make It Happen should be, must be in one of the upcoming EPs. I mean, compare it with widow and astral planes and youll hear :)